At Bellamy Electric, we can customize a shipping container to meet any of your needs. We build pre-manufactured electrical rooms, solar inverter rooms, off-grid energy storage systems, job trailers, tool cribs, even a backwoods bunky – we can custom design anything to suit your needs. Pre-building means less labour and coordination on-site, and reduces the timeline from setup to completion. No need to arrange for expensive hotel rooms, travel time, and weather is no longer a factor. All of this lowers your cost and considerably simplifies the construction process for you. Bellamy Electric has partnered with Anvil Crawler Development Corp. to build alternative energy-based power houses, providing opportunities for clean, sustainable power in industrial and commercial applications. Find out more at

Specializing In

  • Solar Inverter Electrical Rooms
  • Pre-Manufactured Electrical Rooms
  • Off-Grid Energy Storage and Workspace
  • Customized Shipping Container Solutions